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কিছু পূর্ণনাম(সাধারণজ্ঞান)-৩

MA      =Master of Arts
MASER =  Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
MBA   =Master of Business Administration
MBBS =Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
MBT    =MainBattleTank
MCA    =Monetary Compensatory Allowance / Master of Computer Application
MCC  =MelbourneCricket Club
MD      =Doctor of Medicine
MFN   =Most Favoured Nation
MI       =Military Intelligence
MISA  =Maintenance of Internal Security Act
MIT     =Mechachusates Institute of Technology (USA)
MLA   =Member of Legislative Assembly
MLC   =Member of Legislative Council
MNC   =Multi National Corporation
MRCP =Member ofRoyalCollegeof Physicians
MRCS =Member ofRoyalCollegeof Surgeons
MRTPC  =  Monopoly and Restrictive Trade Practices Commission
MODVAT =Modified Value Added Tax
NABARD  = National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development
NACO    =National AIDS Control Organisation
NAEP =National Adult Education Programme
NAFED  =  National Agricultural and Marketing Federation
NAFTA  = North American Free Trade Agreement
NAPP  =Narora Atomic Power Plant
NASA =National Aeronautics and Space Administration (USA)
NASDAQ =  National Association of Security Dealer’s Active Quotation
NASSCOM =   National Association of Software & Service Companies
NATO =North AtlanticTreaty Organisation
NCW   =National Commission for Women
NCCR = National Council for Civil Right
NCERT =   National Council of Educational Research & Training
NDA  =NationalDefenceAcademy
NDDB =  National Dairy Development Board
NDF    =National Defence Fund.
NEERI  =  National Environment Engineering Research Institute
NEFA = North-East Frontier Agency
NEPA =National Environment Protection Authority
NFDC =National Film Development Corporation
NFL    =National Fertilizer Limited
NHRC =National Human Rights Commission
NICO  =New Information and Communication Order
NIDC  =National Industrial Development Corporation
NIIT    =National Institute of Information Technology
NIMHANS  = National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences
NITIE= National Institute for Training in Industrial Engineering
NMDS  =  National Missile Defence System (US)
NMEP =National Malaria Eradication Programme
NOIDA  =  New Okhla Industrial Development Authority
NPC  =National Productivity Council
NPP  =National Population Policy
NPT     =Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
NRDC =National Research and Development Corporation
NREP  =National Rural Employment Programme
NRI     =Non Resident Indian
NSC    =National Security Council
NSSO  =National Sample Survey Organisation
NTC    =National Textile Corporation
NTPC  =National Thermal Power Corporation
OGL    =Open General Licence
OIL     =Oil India Limited
OK      =All Correct
ONGC   =Oil and Natural Gas Commission
OPEC  =Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries

সম্পর্কিত পোস্টসমূহ

সংক্ষেপে পৃথিবীর পরিচিতি

সংক্ষেপে পৃথিবীর পরিচিতি

সাধারণ জ্ঞান

বাংলাদেশ বিষয়াবলী সাধারণ জ্ঞান

সাধারণ জ্ঞান

আন্তর্জাতিক বিষয়াবলী সাধারণ জ্ঞান


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