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কিছু পূর্ণনাম(সাধারণজ্ঞান)-৫

TA      = Travelling Aliowance / Territorial Anmy
TELCO  = Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company
TELEX  =Teleprinter Exchange
TISCO  = Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited
TNT     =Tri-nitro-toluene
TOEFL  =Test of English as a Foreign Language
TRAI   =Telecom Regulatory Authority ofIndia
TRIPS =Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights
TTE   =Travelling Ticket Examiner
TTFI  =Table Tennis Federation ofIndia
TWA   =Trans World Airlines (USA)
UDC  =Upper Division Clerk
UFO  = Unidentified Flying Object
UGC   =University Grants Commission
UHT    =Ultra High Temperature
ULFA =United Liberation Front ofAssam
UNASUR =Union of South American Nations (Spanish: Unión de Naciones Suramericanas)
UNCTAD  = United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
UNDP = United Nations Development Programme
UNEF  =United Nations Emergency Force
UNEP  =United Nations Environment Programme
UNESCO  = United Nations Economic Social and Cultural Organisation
UNFPA    = United Nations for Population Activities
UNHCR    =United Nations High Commission for Refugees
UNI     =United News ofIndia
UNICEF =    United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund
UNO  = United Nations Organisation
UPS   = Uninterrupted Power Supply
UPSC  =Union Public Service Commission
USSR  =Union ofSovietSocialistRepublic
UTI     =Unit Trust ofIndia
VAT    =Value Added Tax
VDIS  =Voluntary Disclosure of Income Scheme
VC      =Vice-Chancellor / Victoria Cross
VIP     =Very Important Person
VPP     =Value Payable Post
VRS    =Voluntary Retirement Scheme
VSNL =Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited
VSSC  =Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre
WEF    =World Economic Forum
WHO  =World Health Organisation
WILL  =Wireless in LocalLoop
WMO  =World Meteorological Organisation
WWF  =World Wild Life Fund
WPI     =Wholesale Price Index
WTO   =World Trade Organisation
WWF  =World Wild Life Fund for Nature
WWW =World Wide Web
YMCA   = Young Men’s Christians Association
YWCA   =Young Women’s Christians Association
ZBB    =Zero Based Budgeting
ZSI      =Zoological Survey ofIndia

সম্পর্কিত পোস্টসমূহ

সংক্ষেপে পৃথিবীর পরিচিতি

সংক্ষেপে পৃথিবীর পরিচিতি

সাধারণ জ্ঞান

বাংলাদেশ বিষয়াবলী সাধারণ জ্ঞান

সাধারণ জ্ঞান

আন্তর্জাতিক বিষয়াবলী সাধারণ জ্ঞান


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