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বিভাগ: এস এম এস

Friendship Quotes

Friendship Quotes

Friendship Quotes Friendship… is not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything. —Muhammad…

Funny Quotes

Funny Quotes

Funny Quotes A word to the wise ain’t necessary – it’s the stupid ones that need the advice. —Bill Cosby Go to Heaven for the…


Happy New Year SMS(messages) – 2

1)New Year Text Wishes 2014 Wake Up Dude because Here is Morning Coolness, Rising Sun, Singing Birds, Melting Dew, Along with this little heart Wishing…


Love Symbol SMS (messages)

1) / |”| / |”| _.^._ _.^._ _.^._ |”| |”| (( ¤ )) (( ¤ )) ( ¤ ) |”| |”| (( ¤ )) ((…


New Year Symbol SMS (message) – 1

New Year Symbol SMS (message) !! 1) .o O.o. ___O___ Cheers for |.happy| New |~new~| Year 2017 ..year./ ….._/ …__||__ 2) ./@@@ BY BY /@|@|@…


Hindi Love SMS(message) !!

1)sms SMS sMs SmS smS sMS SMs SMs dekha dost maine tujhe kitne sare sms bheje hai.. 2)Dunya main sirf teen(3) tarah kay log he…

Hindi SMS/Jokes (message) !!

1)Husband wife Sms Jokes Wife drinking WHISKEY, asked “Tum kaun ho?” . . . Husband: Pagal ho gayi ho kya? Apne husband ko bhool gayi?…


Hindi Friendship SMS (message) !

1)Apni taklif me mujhe umid samjhna. koi gam aaye to aapne najdik samjhna. de saku hansi us ansu ke badle to . hajaro ke bich…

Friendship SMS (2) !!

1)My Heart is like an open book My Heart is like an open book, It depends on how u read me, dont judge me by…

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